Policies, principles and standards

The guidelines that govern our business

Standards of Business Conduct

Our Standards of Business Conduct set out the rules and policies that everyone working for British American Tobacco Zimbabwe (Holdings) Limited must follow, while also providing support and guidance to assist our people to ensure that their conduct meets the high standards expected of them.

Standards of Business Conduct 2020 (2.0 mb)

Principles of Engagement

British American Tobacco Zimbabwe (Holdings) Limited is committed to corporate transparency and recognise that as a responsible company, all engagement activities we undertake must be guided by internal standards. All employees are required to act in accordance with the Principles for Engagement. We engage with third parties on policy issues but will never ask a third party to conduct itself in any way that contravenes these ‘Principles for Engagement’.

Principles for Engagement (109 kb) 

International Marketing Principles

Our International Marketing Principles (IMP) set down detailed guidance on all aspects of tobacco marketing, from print, billboards and electronic media to promotional events, packaging and sponsorship.  Central to the IMP is our long-held commitment to ensuring that no marketing activity is directed at or particularly appeals to youth.

British American Tobacco has adopted a set of globally consistent International Marketing Principles that embody our commitment to marketing appropriately to adult smokers.

We believe that manufacturers and retailers of tobacco products should be allowed to communicate with adults who choose to consume tobacco. Our intention is not to persuade people, whether adults or youths, to start or continue smoking.

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